The team behind

We let our power animals speak for us.

The Tiger

Initiator & Founder

Vision & Strategy

Inventor, visionary and long-term strategist of Vaccfree:Love. Strong-willed by nature, courageous and determined, the tiger is committed to the implementation of his vision.

As a power animal, the tiger combines the qualities of sovereignty, mindfulness, wisdom and creativity. Through the power of his heart he wants to inspire more people for freedom, truth and love.

The lion


Marketing & Expansion

As co-initiator, initiator, inquisitive researcher and networker, the lion usually sets off in search of clues in the late evening hours. His fighting spirit is pure productive energy.

As a power animal, the lion combines superior composure, determination and curiosity. He overcomes challenges with strength, courage and gentleness. After a long night, he likes to loll around in the sun.

The hawk

IT & Codeing

IT Strategy & Develop.

As master of the code, the falcon sublimely maintains the superior perspective. With focus and acumen, he continuously designs, develops and optimizes the platform.

As a power animal, the falcon combines the ability to get an overview, as well as to go deep into the details. The falcon achieves its goals with precision, self-confidence, determination and patience.

The leopardess

Social Media Manager

Social Media & Mkt.

With a creative spirit and a lot of grace, the Leopardess designs social media for Impunity:Love. She pursues her goals unobtrusively but determinedly and smoothly on velvet paws.

As a power animal, the leopardess combines personal strength, self-confidence independence and self-determination, wherein lies its beauty. She also passes this on to her young.

The deer


Support & Admin

Through its communicative gift, the deer is able to communicate between worlds and solve even complex situations elegantly and peacefully.

As a power animal, the stag is the animal of transformation. His mighty antlers unite the spiritual with the material. Courageously he follows his very own way and his desires.

The bear

Creative Design

Branding & Design

With a mixture of gentleness, risk-taking and a large portion of self-confidence, the bear sets to work. Most of the time it is nocturnal.

As a power animal, his curiosity and playfulness let him develop great ideas and bring them from vision to reality with self-determined body and mind power.

Our values

At Vaccfree:Love, we stand for the following core values. These values give our actions a framework within which we act, develop and seek to communicate.